We undertake to provide you with the best possible service to make your time with us enjoyable. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. Our Spa environment is tranquil and relaxed. Please respect the “ME” times of other Spa Guests as well as their right to privacy. To maintain this level of tranquility we request that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that your mobile phone remains switched off while in the Spa, during treatments and in the relaxation areas of the spa.


Our therapists are fully trained and qualified professionals in their industry. We are committed to ongoing, continuous training and our therapists attend regular extensive training schedules.

Spa Attire

For your comfort, bathrobes, slippers and disposable undergarments are provided. You are required to wear a bathing costume when using the water facilities with respect of hygiene.

Health Conditions

Please inform your therapist of any medical condition including disabilities, ailments, allergies, pregnancy, or if you are on any medication. No children under 16 years of age unless they are booked in for a treatment.


Banksia Spa uses the highest quality of skin care range in our Spa services. We encourage continued use of these products at home for optimum results. Products purchased are non-refundable.


There is nothing as beautiful as being an expectant mother. We offer a full range of specialised products that are 100% pregnancy safe. Consult with your Spa Care Professional about which treatment is most suitable for you during this exciting time.